Q: Who can belong to AIM?

  A: Employees, former employees of Internal Revenue Service, and all concerned persons who are interested in the improvement of minorities.  

Q: Where are the members located and how many are there?

  A: AIM has approximately 50 chapters located throughout the regions; and approximately 5,000 members nationwide. 

Q: How can one join AIM-IRS?

 A: By merely completing a membership application and submitting the annual dues of $25.00 for retirees and employees grades GS-9 and below and $40.00 for grades GS-10 and above. 

Q: What will I get in return for my membership dues?

A: Quarterly Newsletter, national membership, monthly chapter meeting, professional workshops, reduced rate for national business and training seminar, committee meetings, resource network, and more. 

Q: How can I stay abreast of what is currently going on in the organization?

A: You can connect to the Association For The Improvement of Minorities (AIM) national web site, by reading the quarterly newsletter and our social media sites.

Q. How can AIM benefit me in my career?

AIM will provide workshops, networking event and mixers which will assist you in improving your career.