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Career Assistance Mentoring Program (CAMP)

The AIM-IRS Career Assistance Mentoring Program (CAMP) is administered by the AIM-IRS National Mentoring Committee (Committee)  CAMP is an exclusive benefit of AIM-IRS membership and is available to any AIM-IRS member of a participating local AIM-IRS Chapter (Chapter).  The participating local AIM-IRS Chapter administers and delivers the program to the participants.  The objective of CAMP is to prepare members for career advancement through the use of a mentor. CAMP is a self-help program that is designed to be completed on the protégé’s and mentor’s own time.  However, the support of IRS management is critical to meeting the objectives of the program.   The protégé and mentor sign the AIM-IRS National Career Assistance Mentoring Program Agreement to document their commitment to follow program guidelines.

The objectives of the program are accomplished by the protégé and mentor working together to complete each monthly activity. They work independently to arrange meetings at least once per month. The Chapter provides at least three career related workshops that the protégés are required to attend.  These workshops are part of the 10 programmatic workshops that the Chapter normally delivers each year. 

The CAMP Coordinator (Coordinator) administers the program by supporting the mentoring pairs to meet the objectives and ensuring that program guidelines are followed. 

Some of the objectives are based on Stephen Covey’s book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the book is required reading for the class.  The Program consists of nine monthly developmental activities to assist the protégé in identifying and achieving their career goals. 

The CAMP Objectives are as follows:

                         (1) Self-Assessment

                         (2) Self-Awareness

                         (3) Self-Development

                         (4) Time Management Skills

                         (5) Presentation Skills

                         (6) Shadowing Assignment

                         (7) Networking Skills

                         (8) Job Application Writing Skills

                         (9) Interviewing Skills

After all of the objectives have been met, the Coordinator certifies to the Committee that each protégé has completed the objectives and a certificate of completion is issued by the Committee. Upon completion of the program, the protégé may receive credit on the IRS Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS).  CAMP is listed as a workshop on ELMS and the official title is AIM-Career Assistance Mentoring Program (CAMP), item number 22940.

Announce coming events

Thank you for your interest in CAMP.  At this time, we are not offering  CAMP.  Please keep checking back to see when the next CAMP program will be held.


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