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Benefits of Membership

Education:   AIM provides educational & networking programs to develop and assist lower graded members and journeyman members in reaching their personal and career goals. The seminars and workshops help managers improve communication and interpersonal skills in day to day dealings with employees.

Scholarships:  AIM'S Scholarship program provides financial aid through scholarships and grants to further the training and education of lower graded and journeyman members.

Mentoring:  AIM'S Mentoring program provides individual role models to identify with lower graded members and journeyman members for the purpose of transferring skills, organization management, counseling, tutoring and assisting in human resource development.

Community Service:  AIM'S Community Service program promotes local and community wide services that assist individuals seeking career and educational support. It also provides us the opportunity to empower the minority communities to address current issues impacting their lives.

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Our Mission

The purpose of AIM is to educate and develop our members to their fullest Career and Personal Potential, and instill in them the highest degree of confidence in their abilities in a manner that is free from negative influences and discriminatory policies and practices.   

AIM IRS Houston

P.O. Box 741615 Houston, Texas 77274-1615 MEMBERSHIP DUES: ASSOCIATE MEMBER $25.00 RETIRED $25.00 GS-09 AND BELOW $25.00 GS-10 AND ABOVE $40.00


Associate Member

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Associate members are friends who support the mission and purpose of the organization who are not employed by the IRS.


Retired Members

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Members who have retired from the IRS.


GS-09 and Below

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For current IRS Employees grade GS-09 and below.


GS-10 and above

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For current IRS employees grade GS-10 and above.


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