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Joint Employee Organization

Joint Employee Organizations (JEO) & Management 
Partnering Today to Develop the Workforce of Tomorrow

JEO consists of representatives from AIM-IRS, ASPIRE, CFIRE, FEW & HIRE



In 2012 during Houston's "Annual State of the IRS," Senior Management and JEO agreed to partner to promote professional improvement and to help develop our "Workforce of Tomorrow."  To accomplish that purpose, "career-development workshops" have been jointly sponsored and promoted to all employees interested in professional/career development. 

The second phase of developing our workforce is developing a "mock interview cadre to assist employees in preparing for interviews. To this end the JEO formed the sub-committee, JEO Coaching Team (JCT).  The JCT worked together to develop a Mock Interview Guide and formed the JEO Mock Interview Cadre (The Cadre). 

We're pleased to announce that the JEO, in partnership with management, has rolled out a mock interview cadre to:


1. Assist IRS employees in successfully interviewing for IRS positions and 

2. Give applicants an opportunity to be well prepared for an interview and learn to effectively present their skills and achievements.


Note: The Cadre is a supplement to management and not designed to circumvent managers’ responsibility to their employees to conduct mock interviews 


If you have any questions about the JEO's programs or want to know how you can become involved, and/or benefit from this organization, please contact Jamie Martin at

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